During a set of 3 once a month sessions, I used simple methods to connect directly with my inner child. The sessions enabled me to gain a clear perspective of my life experiences. I felt accepted, and gently nurtured and encouraged by Parminder to look at all of my life experiences – the devastatingly painful emotional & psychological wounding experiences – as well as my strengths, achievements and joys. I felt encouraged to see these experiences with acceptance, forgiveness and even celebration. I felt Parminder brought through her intuitive & sensitive approach, her depth of experience & understanding. Overall, the sessions have deeply impacted on me – I have and feel a clarity about how my life has unfolded so far and has enabled me, through gentle & caring acceptance offered by Parminder, to a loving state of self acceptance. Thank you for all your help Parminder.

Parminder is gentle, truthful and powerful.

I think the way you explain the way things happen and that everyone is on their own journey is good. Also I thought that the suggestion about writing things down in a book was helpful as I have started writing down important matters in my life.

I feel able to help now and be confident in the way we deal with anything that happens. I feel that the way you have explained things were in a good way for my son to understand and I feel better about myself too as you sometimes explained things in a very similar way to the way I had so it made me realise that I was helping him after all.

When I came to you I was lost and looking for a sense of purpose in my life again. The sessions helped me dig deeper within myself and search for the answers I was looking for. I have learnt so much about myself and my life experiences that my view on life, people and the universe has changed forever. The strategies that you gave me to cope with life are still helping me today. You have taught me how to look after myself and how to be true to myself…amazing!

I really do appreciate your effort…. Thank you again …, you certainly touched him, he showed it on many occasions after seeing you, it may at least give him cause for optimism in future.

Thank you, Parminder for a productive 15 weeks. My sessions with you sure gave me the ‘kick in the rear’ that I so much needed.  Appreciate it.

My counselling sessions came at just the right time, I’ve been through some trauma’s in my life and I felt I was able to express myself openly without being judged also it was a safe environment to confined in. Parminder is such a excellent counsellor, she was able to pin point my issues, go deep within the surface and help me get over the hurdle I was faced with by giving practical advice and emotional support. I’m actually feel like a better person now and able to deal with what ever life my through at me.


An empowering process that increases self-awareness and a sense of wellbeing


Creative Approaches

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