In these global uncertain times, Covid-19 is impacting
everyone’s lives. You may be feeling anxious about the
situation and struggling with the lockdown.

Soaring High is offering a free 15 minute telephone
consultation to help identify your needs.

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Soaring High offers: -

Counselling that empowers you to discover your true self through gentle exploration of your feelings and limiting beliefs;

Creative Approaches that help your child to work through their difficulties as well as therapeutically supporting you in your role as the parent;

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that involves tapping on acupressure points and is effective in rebalancing your body's energy system;

Reiki Healing that is a natural therapy that gently heals and balances the subtle energies within your body creating deep relaxation and promoting an overall sense of wellbeing;

Personal Development Workshops that are tailored to deliver interactive therapeutic programmes that develop your knowledge, enhance your skills, and improve your practice.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Soaring High is currently not offering face to face appointments; however, telephone and online appointments are available.

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